OPUS 12 Foundation                              
  • Our mission is simple. We seek to promote advances in the fields of traumatology; emergency medicine and surgery; burns; critical care and related medical-surgical-anesthesia fields; wound care; and treatment-related complications.
  • Significant portion of our research focuses on the critically ill patients and improvement of intensive care unit therapies and outcomes.
  • We aim to take lead in scientific investigation of medical and surgical complications, as well as in the various ways to minimize these complications.
  • However, our scope of research is not strictly limited to the above areas, and research projects from various other disciplines will be supported by OPUS 12, provided that certain scientific merits of the project are met.
  • In addition to our research mission, we are also developing a comprehensive continuing medical education and medical/surgical review system.
  • This will be a more extensive endeavor, but it will allow the OPUS 12 Foundation to reach out and educate future generations of professionals and researchers around the world.
  • OPUS 12 Foundation plans to institute Healthcare Research Fellowship, a premier program that trains future medical researchers. We project that the program will expand from one Research Fellow per year to 2-3 positions per year as our goal. Stay tuned for more information about this area of our activity.
  • A special part of the OPUS 12 Foundation's mission is to sponsor expert panels on both medical/surgical and societal/world problems. We seek to organize meetings of the most prominent experts, scientists, politicians, and artists to discuss issues facing medicine, the nation, the world, and humanity as a whole. In this capacity, the OPUS 12 Foundation serves as a 'think tank'.
  • Provided the availability of adequate financial resources, the OPUS 12 Foundation also plans to sponsor physician, resident/fellow, medical student, and nursing scientific paper competitions. Through pre-existing ties with various medical journals, publication of the most outstanding competing manuscripts will be sought with OPUS 12 Foundation sponsorship. Details of competitions and meetings will be announced in the future.